Music Theory LEVEL II

All participants must pre-register. You may register and pay at the bottom of this page. The zoom link will be sent prior to the first class.

In the six weeks of Theory Level II, you will ...
  • aurally recognize all intervals in a scale
  • expand knowledge of terminology on the printed score
  • correlate accidentals and key signatures
  • find "DO" in any song 
  • learn the difference between major and minor sounds
  • be introduced to the dreaded but oh-so-helpful Circle of Fifths
  • learn the difference between diatonic and chromatic
  • compose your first melody!  

If you are in doubt whether or not you should take Level II without first taking Basics, send an email or text and we'll figure it out!        585.494.1795    

Six classes on Tuesday evenings
7:00 - 7:45 pm
September 15 - October 20, 2020

Pay whatever is comfortable for your life $20 $30 or $40 (Level II options)
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